Letter: Bloodshed in Fort Pierce, while lawmen, clergy look away

David Cook, Fort Pierce

Letter: Bloodshed in Fort Pierce, while lawmen, clergy look away

When is the community going to get involved? And I mean the whole community — white, black, brown, whatever — because this is a serious problem.

There’s someone getting shot every other night and it is not gang-related. It’s which bully doesn’t want the other bully to come onto his turf.

The sheriff knows who is doing this, and so does the chief of police. They all know who is doing this. Someone on 23rd Street doesn’t want people encroaching on his territory, and someone from another street wants the same.

The people at the Sheriff’s Department could put a stop to this in no time if they and city officials got involved. What is it going to take?

Will it take innocent children and innocent victims are getting shot until there are dead bodies all over?

Oh, my God, our preachers haven’t done a thing but sit back and watch. What are they here for? I thought the kids are supposed to look up to a preacher or minister. But these young people have no kind of respect or regard for a so-called preacher or minister because they know those people don’t care. They know all they really want is the dollar bills.

It’s a crying shame before God, because the man of God doesn’t have any kind of influence whatsoever. Now these kids have just gone wild. There was a time when a preacher had strong influence in this community, but now it has diminished.

I still say if the mayor and City Commission were to get involved, this problem would not be.

Article source: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2012/jul/31/letter-bloodshed-in-fort-pierce-while-lawmen/

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