Letter: Move the Fort Pierce Inlet idle speed zone signs for greater safety

Beau Bryan, Fort Pierce

Letter: Move the inlet idle speed zone signs for greater safety

It’s time to move the idle speed zone signs in the Fort Pierce Inlet.

The width of the inlet narrows at the same point where the current signs are. When boats are heading out in the morning, especially on tournament mornings, the conditions would be much safer if the idle zone were extended to the east. This would force the boats to get in line before acceleration. rather than having boats planing off right next to each other.

There is a new and growing worm reef just east of the current signs. During extreme low tides part of the reef will stick up out of the water. To help protect the reef, and any boater that might hit it, it should be in a protected idle zone. Boaters at the cove would benefit, and with a lot less wake coming in, anchoring near other boats will be much safer.

I have witnessed boats anchored at the cove hitting each other because of wake coming in from boats in the channel. Had they been required to slow down a little earlier this would not have happened. I would like to see the zone extended to the next set of markers; this would still allow boaters to get safely on a plane before getting to the inlet mouth. This extra distance will not be any more than a minute or two more idle time.

Article source: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2012/jul/29/letter-move-the-fort-pierce-inlet-idle-speed-for/

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