Man charged with impersonating a police officer in Fort Pierce

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FORT PIERCE (CBS12) — A man who knocked on a homeowner’s door, claiming to be an undercover deputy working with a narcotics task force, turned out to be a fake, police say.

Authorities arrested 19-year-old Calvin Michael Paige of Fort Pierce on a charge of impersonating a law enforcement officer and carrying a prohibited weapon.

Police said Paige showed up at the front door of a home on Southern Pines Drive Tuesday night, asking if anyone called 911.

Paige, according to the homeowner, said he was working undercover and “Sheriff (Ken) Mascara had him working the area when a call came into dispatch of a robbery nearby.”

The homeowner told police the impersonator was dressed in a green Polo shirt and jeans, with his hand on his holster and told stories about graduating from high school at the age of 17, and that he “loved kicking in doors.”

The homeowner said he didn’t notice a badge.

The impersonator eventually drove away.

Police said they received reports of similar incidents on Georgia Avenue.  In one of those cases, someone wrote down the license plate number on the impersonator’s car.

The tag number led police to an apartment on Ixoria Avenue.

Police searched a car and found a semi-automatic BB air pistol and a box for a gun holster.  Authorities also found a green American Eagle Polo shirt and blue jeans in Paige’s bedroom, which Paige admitted to wearing that night before taking a shower.

Police arrested Paige who admitted to knocking on the stranger’s door and identifying himself as a law enforcement officer with the vice unit.
Man charged with impersonating a police officer in Fort Pierce

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