Sentimental necklace stolen from Fort Pierce woman while she was gardening

FORT PIERCE — Former social worker Margaret Fulton-Still, 85, was quietly rising from pulling weeds in front of her home on Texas Court Saturday when her neck was jerked back — pulled by an unseen assailant yanking a gold chain and cross necklace off her neck.

The startled 125-pound woman turned and chased the assailant, yelling, “I am going to catch you son of a gun.” The chain was a present from her deceased husband, who was a professor in international business and marketing at Florida International University in Miami. Suspended from the shiny 18-carat chain was a gold cross given to Fulton-Still by her daughter.

But the jewelry snatcher had a lead on her and jumped into a running car that sped away. Fulton-Still did get part of the license plate number, a piece of evidence police used in tracking down a woman who sold the necklace for $125 to a business within minutes of the midday incident, police said.

On Thursday police arrested Jakeva Robinson, 19, after a traffic stop and charged the North 27th Street resident with robbery, dealing in stolen property, battery on a person more than 65 years old and driving on a suspended license. Robinson is out of jail on bond.

After the case is settled, the chain will be returned to Fulton-Still, police said.

“It is very special to me,” she said.

Fulton-Still lives is a normally quiet neighborhood where residents “speak kindly to each other,” she said. Her neighbor is County Commission Chairman Chris Dzadovsky.

“I felt violated,” said Fulton-Still, who has a mark on her neck from the incident. “I felt rather depressed, very upset. I didn’t know what to do with myself.”

She is back doing yard work. “I’m still very active. Life goes on.”

While living with her husband in Miami’s Coconut Grove she worked in convalescent homes where she did drug counseling. “There are all kinds of people in the world and some people go the wrong way for a reason that is valid for them, but not for society.”

If Robinson is convicted, Fulton-Still hopes the woman will get help.

“It is up to her. It is entirely up to her” to change, she said.

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